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Gone book review

Gone...That name sounds weird. Who is gone? Well, this book is a book of courage, war and justice. This book's storyline is based on how all teens and adults above fifteen disappear. Soon, some children will start to develop powers. They are forced to choose a side. The dark and the good. Caine vs Sam. Two brothers' fight. My heart was thumping really hard when I was reading this book. The powers, the fight. I actually thought Caine and Sam would come back together and be united in the end and stop the poof. But no, they came as enemies which made the story a little bit more exciting. Its because of the book its like they survive. But if its real life, then they are as good as dead.  This book is intense, violent, and sometimes sad. Some of these kids die. A lot of them get hurt pretty bad. I hate to see them suffering. It was a bit painful to watch. Even harder was seeing the cruelty and potential for evil that some of these children showed. Drake, who is basically Caine'

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